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Pain is an incredibly generic term that umbrellas a variety of different symptoms and diagnoses. Headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tension, etc. can all be lumped under the category of pain. It can be acute or chronic, all over or localized; it can be sharp, stabbing, dull, burning, or aching. The list goes on. We take all of this into consideration when treating your pain condition. We will design an individualized treatment plan and a point prescription specific to you and your needs. 


Acupuncture triggers a biochemical and physiological response in the body during each treatment and up to 72 hours afterwards. The nervous system, endocrine system, and the immune system are all "activated" when stimulated by acupuncture which allows your body to communicate to your brain more effectively and efficiently. Neurotransmitters, hormones, and immune cells are released to reduce pain signals, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote active healing. 

From a Traditional Chinese perspective, pain occurs when there is a blockage or deficiency in energy or when there is an external factor hindering the normal functioning of energy within the body. Meridians run throughout the body, and inside them energy (Qi) flows. When there is a disruption or imbalance in energy, that is when illnesses and pain arise.


Acupuncture works by reestablishing the uninterrupted flow and quantity of Qi through the meridians, harmonizing the body, and restoring balance and homeostasis.

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