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Grandpa Bob, the reason behind the name Blackbird.

I initially reached out to ask friends and family to choose between three names for my clinic. Before knowing my reason behind the name, I had an overwhelming positive response to Blackbird. After telling the story of why Blackbird was on the table to begin with, everyone loved it even more. 

The reason behind Blackbird isn't about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, classical theory or the location where I'm practicing. It's about family, love, and support.

It began with the name "Crows Call Acupuncture Clinic". Unfortunately, saying it out loud made it sound like "Crow's Skull" and, well, that was just too ominous. But I digress. 

When we (my cousins, my sister, and I) were growing up we would spend many of our summer days together up north at our family cabin on Lake Vermillion in Northern Minnesota. We would be outside swimming, playing in the sun, and sitting in front of the fire together all day and all night. Notice that I didn't mention the morning? We were out of school and relaxing; mornings were for sleeping in. Except, Grandpa didn't let us sleep in.

Grandpa wanted us to make the most out of every beautiful day we had at the cabin. That was his happy place and he wanted us to enjoy every minute in that happy state. Each and every morning when the sun came up, Grandpa would walk past the windows of the cabin where all of us "kids" slept and as loud as he could he would caw like a crow to wake us all up. When Grandpa made his crow's call we knew it was time for breakfast and it was time for another day of fun to begin. He made the cabin a happy place for all of us.

Sadly, Grandpa passed away in 2015 but as time went on we began to notice a trend. Anytime we felt stressed or sad, anytime we had a major life event, and anytime we wanted to celebrate- we saw a crow or a blackbird. For us, this wasn't a coincidence. This was Grandpa looking out for us and letting us know he was still around for us.

Grandpa added so much love, happiness, humor and joy to the world and he spent his whole life brightening the lives of his family friends, and anyone else he met along the way. That is the energy I want to embody in my clinic.


Hence, Blackbird.

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