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The dual-sided treatment is great for individuals with main complaints that need to be addressed from all angles. For instance, a patient with jaw pain and low back pain or a patient with knee pain and neck pain. 


After an initial comprehensive consultation we will work together to treat your main complaint using strategic acupuncture points specific to you and your concern.

You will receive an acupuncture treatment with needles placed for 15 minutes on the front of your body followed by an additional 15 minutes with needles placed on the back of your body. Let your body release it's pain and tension in a private treatment room on a heated bed with light music in the background.

Additional modalities such as cupping, e-stim, tui na and/or gua sha may be included if supported by your main complaint. You may add these services onto your treatment without the support of your main complaint for $15.

$135 | 90min. 

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