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Skip the needles and unwind with cupping therapy (aka cupping, fire cupping, and cupping massage).

After a comprehensive consultation you will 
unwind with a 20-30 minute cupping therapy session.

As you relax in your private treatment room with a heated bed and light music in the background, our Licensed Acupuncturist will strategically apply cups to sooth your muscle tension, aches, or injuries using a combination of sliding and stationary cups.

Cupping is used to stretch muscles, tendons, and fascia to reduce pain, tension, and to help heal injuries. It draws deoxygenated blood from the soft tissues, opens the capillaries, and nourishes them with new blood to promote relaxation and repair. Cupping can also be incredibly useful for treating a variety of other conditions such as pneumonia, asthma, and digestive disorders. 

For your comfort and for a touch of flash, we use the fire-cupping technique which allows us to regulate suction in a fluid and comfortable manner. The glass cups we use reduce the discomfort of pinched skin and tugging that can occur with plastic pump-suction cups. 

The treatment will end with a short tui na massage.

$55 | 20-30min.

*Duration of treatment depends on your body's reaction to the cupping.

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